Senior Caregiving

A Day in the Life of a Senior Caregiver

December 16

If you are considering moving a loved one into a senior living establishment, we want you to know what our caregivers provide to our resident’s day in and day out. However, we are also writing to the people that are considering becoming a senior caregiver. This article will help you learn the responsibilities and tasks each caregiver does for their residents. Also, not just what we do every day, but how we do it. Now, each resident can vary in the amount of assistance they need. We assess this when they move into our facility, and we reconsider throughout their stay with us.

Basic Care

While primary care seems to be the most straightforward daily task, it can be the most challenging and most draining task. It is essential every resident feels well taken care of. Basic care includes everything that seems natural to us when we are young. Such as:

  • going to the bathroom
  • hygiene, grooming
  • getting dressed
  • eating
  • and being sure they are getting any exercise both physically or mentally that they may need to stay healthy and happy.

Helping residents with these tasks can be the most difficult because they know this is necessary. They believe they should be able to do it themselves and resist our help. They could be struggling with memory loss and think they can do it for themselves already. Our job as caretakers is to meet any difficulty in primary care with a gentle hand and great compassion.

Meeting Medical Needs

Most primary care is the same for each resident, it does vary depending on their ability to accomplish basic care for themselves. Medical care is where each resident can vary greatly. A resident could be taking minor pain medication and vitamins to a daily regimen of various medicines that could often change per doctor's visit. This could be hard for anyone to remember. But as a caregiver, you have to be vigilant in creating a medication schedule for each resident and changing it according to doctors' prescriptions. Speaking of doctors, we as caregivers need to be sure each resident is getting to doctor's appointments when scheduled.

Preparing Resident Meals

It is also essential they are getting the right nutrition along with their medication to maintain their health and happiness. Some resident's need special meals prepared for them because they may have their own unique dietary needs or allergies. We are here to provide this to them and be sure they have someone to interact with. Eating is as much a social activity for residents as it is a necessity to live.

Make Sure Their Living Areas are Clean and Orderly

Similarly, a senior caregiver is responsible for making sure the personal needs are met as a resident. Our caregivers make sure the rooms and entertaining areas are up to the establishment's standards. We also make sure that items are accounted and that they're easily accessible. For example, ensuring that any remotes are returned to their spot so that they don't get lost.

We also pay close attention when tidying a resident's living space that their personal items are not mixed up with another resident. The families of our residents know that their loved one is in good hands with our exceptional level of care and attention to detail.

Emotional Support for Residents

Only a portion of being a caregiver is physical you're also responsible for emotionally caring for each of your residents. Making the move to an assisted living community can be hard on new residents and it's part of our job to provide compassion be there to listen them. Just as you would if a friend of yours needed someone to talk to. We can provide advice since this new environment is familiar to us as caretakers. It is our job to help them adjust to their new residence and to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Overall, this job is so rewarding because you're helping your resident through the next phase of their life. Not every profession allows you to give back to someone both mentally and physically day in and day out. These are also just the basics in the day in the life of a senior caregiver. We do so much more for everyone based on their own unique needs.


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