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Coastal Breeze Assisted Living is the #1 Residential Care Facility For The Elderly in Southern California.

We continue to help people from all walks of life. Whether you are looking for a Residential Care Facility for the elderly or skilled nursing facilities, we are confident you will find everything you want and need with Coastal Breeze Assisted Living.

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It's been game changing!

Hi Karen. I just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't heard that I moved my mom into Coastal Breeze over the weekend. And wanted to let you know how happy we are being there. It's been game changing! The whole team from Saher and the caregivers they've all been excellent and so nice! What a relief for me to know my moms in a much better place and with caregivers who actually care and are compassionate. So happy we connected. Thank you thank you!!! We love Coastal Breeze👍👏🙏


My Family Member Loves This Del Mar Senior Living Facility!

We cannot thank you enough for providing such wonderful care for my parents. It’s not easy to find a senior living facility in the San Diego area that is affordable, caring and as beautiful as this one. Thanks for all that you do!

Ruth W

You all have made a tough situation so much easier

Karen – We just wanted to say thank you to you and all the Coastal Breeze staff for the help over the last few years. You all have made a tough situation so much easier and provided some much needed piece of mind knowing our mom was not only safe, but well cared for and taken care of; please share our love and thanks with the entire staff! We are eternally grateful and if you ever have a potential family that needs a “recommendation” or just needs to talk to someone that has been there to feel more comfortable with Coastal Breeze please let me know.

The Zavodny’s

Coastal Breeze is a lifesaver

Coastal breeze has been a lifesaver for my husband who has Frontal Lobe Dementia. He was at another facility for a few months and we were both unhappy. I feel he would not be with us had he stayed there. He has gotten loving, patient care in the almost three years he has been a resident. It’s close to me so I can visit every day. I like the smaller family feel. He gets home cooking with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and”ice cream”. The staff including the director respond to problems as if they were their own. If I need to go out of town I don’t worry. So much is included in the monthly fee that would be extra elsewhere. I visited all possible places within twenty miles and I’m thankful every day I found Coastal Breeze Assisted Living & memory care.

Donna Klipstein

Christmas Carolers at the Facility

Dear Saher, I happened to be at 740 Santa Paula yesterday when the school children and some moms came by to sing. Bravo, what a nice group, it was fun. I know Jim enjoyed it, even humming along to some of the songs, and he is not a singer. So, too, did Eileen and Sandra. It lifted everyone’s spirits. Thank you for everything you do and the snacks you had available.


Love the Convenient Location of My Dad’s Senior Living Facility in Solana Beach

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have my dad so close to home in Solana Beach. It was getting too difficult to manage two different households including dad’s increasing need for hands-on care. His health was deteriorating fast, and I knew he needed more than independent living. Thank you for having the assisted living care to provide him the support he needs on his bad days. I and my family appreciate all that you do!

Marquette S

Needed Hands-On Care for My Grandma near Solana Beach, CA

I’ve always been super close to my grandma, and she practically raised me. My parents, aunts and uncles were unable to give her the care that she so desired. I’ve always been afraid of nursing homes, but when I went here to visit her, I was blown away by all the activities that she could participate in. I also thought the facility was beautiful and was so appropriately close to the beach. Keep up the great work!

Thalia S

Thank you!

Saher, Thank you so much. You have been so much help in this frantic time for my sister and me.

Terry Ross

Love All the Extras for My Mom at the Del Mar Senior Living Home

My mom, unfortunately, has Alzheimer’s and it progressed rapidly. She feels safe and comfortable here, and that’s all I can ask for. Her favorite part is when singers come to visit the center and serenade the group.

Fior T

I observed that she became healthier and more alert

Things are settling down a bit and I wanted to write to you all to express my gratitude for the care that my mother received while at Coastal Breeze. She was not the easiest resident to please, but I observed that she became healthier and more alert during her stay there. I attribute that to the caring staff that you have at the property. I am very glad we made the move even though her time there was brief. She always was the restless type, we’ve moved her about once a year since my dad died, and since the year was almost up this time she moved herself!

Graham Avis

Thank you Tony!

Tony - On behalf of Jack's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, we want to thank you for both taking care of Jack in daily needs but also for caring for him as a person. Thank you for joking with him, calling him nicknames (Mr. Nobody), allowing him to made choices and say no.


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